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While we have a wealth of information available on the web, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 1-888-99ADCOM [23266] and we would be happy to answer all of your questions, day and night.

ADCOM Corp. offers complete computer information systems technology services coupled with superior customer service and support. We serve both home and business clients on call 24/7. We offer superior technical support in person and over the telephone for the common 'quick questions' or 'good advice'. For existing clients, telephone technical assistance lasting less than 20 minutes is free (per-incident or question, during standard service hours).

ADCOM Corp. is NOT a franchise.

Current Events:

January 2006 - ADCOM Corp. has become an agent for various telecommunications companies, including OPEX, LD.NET, Fonality, and is currently working on arrangements with Teliax and Nuvio.

December 2005 - ADCOM Corp. completed a large multi-site closed circuit tv project.

September 2005 - ADCOM Corp. completed design and integration of a US <-> Poland Voice-Over-IP gateway platform. The system includes US Local > Europe, Europe > US, and Web-Callback functions. (View Diagram)

June 2005 - ADCOM Corp. was a sponsor at The Westchester Alliance of Legal & Financial Professionals(WAIFA) Summer Networking Event at SeaSide Johnnies in Rye

May 2005 - We have added consultants to our team which cover the eastern queens and western long island regions.

December 2004 - We have relocated our office location from Addyman Square in Ardsley, to 495 Ashford Avenue in Ardsley. While it is just up the block, we now have more space for customer training sessions. We also now have private parking as opposed to metered parking.

September 2002 - We had a photo shoot for a web design and catalog project for the Poznan University of Medical Sciences in Poznan, Poland. This was a very successful trip. All photography was medium-format.




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